Historical Sites


Each November the Historic Sites Committee searches out historic sites and buildings in the area that are at least 100-years-old and worthy of special preservation recognition.   Property owners, along with members of the committee, research the property and information about its original owners.

Plaques are awarded to sites of historical significance and “to foster appreciation of and to educate us about our built environment and our heritage”.  Research is done by committee members as well as homeowners and community members.

All area residents are invited to participate in our “House Plaque” recognition program.  Attending a plaque presentation is a unique way to learn about some of the earlier residents of Dundee Township, popular structure styles of the past, and ways to keep or restore homes to the original architectural design.

To receive a list of criteria determining this local recognition, residents should contact the Historic Sites Chairperson, Jack Wendt, at 847-428-6996 send an email inquiry

For further information, phone 847-428-6996


  1. Hi Jack, we spoke on the phone this morning the need for historical photo’s of the existing East Dundee village hall at 120 Barrington Ave. I would need your help in reviewing the exterior of the building including the tower/cupola. Would you have some photo’s? Thanks, Steve 815 444 8444

  2. Steve,
    I have forwarded your message to Jack today.

  3. Barbara Walters

    We live at 1801 Hillcrest Drive in Sleepy Hollow. We have lived here 28 1/2 years. We are in the Manor 4 section, Parcel number 03-21-377-003
    I cannot fine it in the Plat Books. I can find section 6 but not 1 thru 5. I know it was built in 1956-1956 but can find no other information it or about the builder or architect. Do you have any suggestions?

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