The window pictured here at one time hung in the Chateau Louise, hence a plethora of things related to the Chateau are also shown in our museum display.

Another window was saved in 2019 when the 1849 Alfred Edwards house at 310 West Main Street, West Dundee, was razed. This window was part of the mid-1890’s updating of the house.

The third window is from the Illinois Iron and Bolt Company in Carpentersville.

It announced the presence of an office on the interior of one of the company’s many buildings.


Back in the day, entertainment in Dundee was often provided at the Dundee Opera House built in 1893. The stage on the 3rd floor welcomed traveling shows, musicals, literary reviews and school plays and graduation ceremonies.


Long before the onslaught of various media technologies, simple things like posters, newspaper ads and other printed materials advertised things of local interest.

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