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Time Travel with the Dundee Township Historical Society

Summer Cemetery Walk: June 26, 2022

The Dundee Township Historical Society will feature a summer “Cemetery Walk” on Sunday, June 26 from 1-4 p.m. Tours begin at the Historical Society Museum, 426 Highland Ave in West Dundee. A $5.00 donation per person is requested. Guides will be on hand to take visitors through the historic West Cemetery where they will be introduced to important people from the past and hear their stories.

Learn about the early days of baseball from a Cub’s player who grew up in Dundee and went on to play in the big league. “Go Cubs!”. Listen to the tale of “The Radium Girls” from a survivor of a tragedy that was kept from the public for so long. Guests will learn about the early days before each village had its own church from a “Circuit Rider”, a preacher who traveled the countryside spreading the gospel.  A strong woman, who fought the system, will tell how she became the first woman in Kane County to hold a position that had always been a man’s place. A special stop along the way will feature a memorial exhibit in honor of those who passed from this life one hundred years ago.

Guests are also invited to view the exhibits inside the museum. Those exhibits include “The R.L.B. Opera House” and “Windows from Dundee’s Past” as well as the early history of the Villages that comprise Dundee Township. For more information contact the museum at 847-428-6996 or email dths@sbcglobal.net.