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We are located at 426 Highland Ave., West Dundee

Dundee Township Historical Society

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  1. Jean Van Gaston

    I am interested in being a volunteer, where can I get more information?

    Thank you

  2. I have a Popular Science Monthly Vol.ll Dated 1873
    Seems to be signed by Dr. E .F. Cleveland
    Could this be the Dr. Cleveland from the
    E.F.Cleveland Drug Store
    Dundee Township ???

  3. I am looking for any photos of 107 South 2nd St, West Dundee. My father had Gris Pottery in this location over 30 years ago. It is next to Ottos Shoe Repair and was most recently the Around the Corner Candy Shop. I know it is to be torn down and am wondering if there is any information on it, or if I could possibly have the placard “This House Dates From 1860” for my Father.

    Emily Gryzlak

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