Dundee Historical Society

2019 FALL PROGRAM Sunday October 20th

 Backyard Archaeology

 One man’s  _ _ _ _  is another man’s treasure.

So believe John and Dan Puzzo and Aaron Popp.

They are treasure hunters, but the treasures they find are buried where the “privies” used to stand.

The outhouse was an integral part of every home well into the 20th century. There are still a few scattered here and there. It was not just a necessity for the family it became the dumping place for broken and un-needed items. You may wonder what sort of treasures could possibly be found in a “Biffy”.

On Sunday, October 20 at 2:00 p.m. John and Dan Puzzo will show some of the many prizes they have found on their digs. Aaron Popp will bring a number of pieces found right here in Dundee Township.

A brief presentation introducing  guests to the many different types of “Doolies” that were availablewill be part of the program.  Prices included just in case you are looking to make an investment.

Join us for a fun and interesting afternoon. There is no charge for the program. Donations are appreciated.

2019 HISTORIC SITES November 3rd

The Dundee Township Historical Society will recognize area homes at its annual Historic Sites Program and Plaque Presentation to be held on Sunday, Nov. 3rd, at 2:00 pm.  The program will be held at the historical museum located at 426 Highland Ave. in West Dundee.

Research is done by committee members as well as homeowners and community members. Plaques are awarded to sites of historical significance and “to foster appreciation of and to educate us about our built environment and our heritage”.

The homes to receive plaques this year are

The Edward Schwartz House. at 407 Green Street in Carpentersville. Built c. 1910.  The front façade was changed from one peak to two.  History of the property goes back to 1844. .

The house at 315 South Second Street in West Dundee.  Built in 1918.  A sturdy red brick structure, has some elements of the Prairie Style.  Front facade features two porches, one directly over the other.

All area residents are invited to attend this recognition program to learn about some of the earlier residents of Dundee Township, popular structure styles of the past, and ways to keep or restore their homes to the original architectural design.

There is no admission charge.  For more information, call the museum at 847-428-6996.

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